Okay, Finally a new post….

yeah, I’m ready to get back into posting some thoughts and songs here….

to start with a gallery of what I call Earth Pics, where I look around on google earth, and zoom in and take snapshots of actual terrain and then go into Gimp, my favorite photo editor, and play with the color levels a little.

I call these pic’s the volcano series, as they are inspired by Mother Nature’s incredible fireworks display going on for more than a week on La Palma Volcano, in the canary Islands… and now Kilauea, in Hawaii…..

On G Earth I went east into the western Sahara Desert, to find these images which seems to mimic violent volcanic craziness.

also think I will add a song of mine, which is kind of a dystopian future song, where humanity is split into tribes and forced to move along, like Ragged Warriors, going across the Great Divide…

Ragged Warriors Far From our home…

Atlantis or some other ancient ruins ???

so, another photo gallery from my earth pic’s, from the western Sahara Desert, Have you seen the Eye in the desert near Morocco, I’ll zoom in so you can see where it is… and ask you WTF it is ?!?

World anthem

I’d like to offer up one of my tunes, I call it “Why Can’t we all Get Along”, But my band mate Ernie dubbed the World Anthem, so here is a recording of our band Big Foot Lane playing it. We are Addison, guitar and awesome harmonica, his wife and our mentor, Peggy on base, Ernie on that haunting banjo, myself on guitar and vocals, I hope you like it, Bigfoot seemed to….

Why Can’t We All just Get Along

Piper’s PlayPen

I’m in the process of adding my cousin, Carroll Piper to these pages, I’ll use the heading 2Pipers, but for now I just wanted add this:

This cover was recorded in Piper’s PlayPen, Wolfeboro, NH… in February 2020 using ProTools 

Mike Chatigney – played all the instruments but the bass, which Carroll did. He also did all of the vocals.
Mike : vocals – including all harmonies, electric piano, drums, tamborine
Carroll Piper: engineer/ producer, Bass…

Saturday In The Park

Spanish Caravan…

hey everyone out here in the wilderness, can you hear the drums, no not just the war drums, but also the multitude of different drum beats and heart beats pounding out the vibrations of peace, all around the world !!

as we made our way though the dense forest, we came to a clearing, there was a bon-fire with a small, but lively group of colorful people, playing tunes and trances, and moonlit dances. With our heads still spinning, Micah, Steve and I ended back in our “play room”… we call this jam Spanish Caravan ….

late one night near the vardo, we stopped by a campfire, and this tune came out..

what happened to our great democracy…

what happened to our great democracy… somehow it derailed right off the tracks… it turned into a great big hypocrisy… and now we’ll never get it back… well it sailed right out the door..I told you this, and I’ll tell ya more. .it’s all designed to keep us poor … it’s all designed to keep us poor …

as played by our band, Big Foot Lane