World anthem

I’d like to offer up one of my tunes, I call it “Why Can’t we all Get Along”, But my band mate Ernie dubbed the World Anthem, so here is a recording of our band Big Foot Lane playing it. We are Addison, guitar and awesome harmonica, his wife and our mentor, Peggy on base, Ernie on that haunting banjo, myself on guitar and vocals, I hope you like it, Bigfoot seemed to….

Why Can’t We All just Get Along

Piper’s PlayPen

I’m in the process of adding my cousin, Carroll Piper to these pages, I’ll use the heading 2Pipers, but for now I just wanted add this:

This cover was recorded in Piper’s PlayPen, Wolfeboro, NH… in February 2020 using ProTools 

Mike Chatigney – played all the instruments but the bass, which Carroll did. He also did all of the vocals.
Mike : vocals – including all harmonies, electric piano, drums, tamborine
Carroll Piper: engineer/ producer, Bass…

Saturday In The Park

Spanish Caravan…

hey everyone out here in the wilderness, can you hear the drums, no not just the war drums, but also the multitude of different drum beats and heart beats pounding out the vibrations of peace, all around the world !!

as we made our way though the dense forest, we came to a clearing, there was a bon-fire with a small, but lively group of colorful people, playing tunes and trances, and moonlit dances. With our heads still spinning, Micah, Steve and I ended back in our “play room”… we call this jam Spanish Caravan ….

late one night near the vardo, we stopped by a campfire, and this tune came out..

ain’t it a crime

I’d like to offer up this song of mine, the words of which came to me while driving down on the Oregon coast (near Bandon), in 2003, listening to GW explain why it was so important to take out a leader of a “regime” he and his Dad, didn’t like.

Having played it at a few open mike nights in it’s original form, it held it’s prevalence, and in my mind is more true all the time, both parties are immersed in corruption and outright theft of our livelihoods, our ability to create a more compassionate society.

back around 2010, Karen and I were living at her parents house, care giving for her folks, and I would get to go the “Talking Stick” coffee house in Venice Beach, and join in on open mike nights, where I was honored to be surrounded by a great group of musicians, who joined me on stage for this song. I’m leading them on the Mandolin, and the recording is not that great, just a Zoom in the room, but I just thought you might enjoy….

Crimes Against Humanity

what happened to our great democracy…

what happened to our great democracy… somehow it derailed right off the tracks… it turned into a great big hypocrisy… and now we’ll never get it back… well it sailed right out the door..I told you this, and I’ll tell ya more. .it’s all designed to keep us poor … it’s all designed to keep us poor …

as played by our band, Big Foot Lane